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Auto & Recreational Vehicle Appraisal

Ever wonder what your car’s current value is? Do you have an RV you’d like to sell? Well, you can find the current value of your vehicle at your Credit Union. We maintain several current guides that can be consulted for this information. Call or visit the Credit Union. Helpful hint: Before you call or visit, here’s some information you’ll want to gather to get an accurate assessment:

  1. Get Vehicle Year, Make, and Model (ie: 1996 Chevy Blazer LS)
  2. Record the miles of the vehicle
  3. Note any special options (like CD player, leather interior, electric windows/door locks, special wheels, four-wheel-drive, load capacity [1/2 ton, 1 ton, etc.], engine size [5.7 liter V-8, 2.8 liter four cylinder, etc.], transmission [manual or automatic], any special option packages [ie: Eddie Bauer, 40th Anniversary Special, etc.])
Certificate of Deposit

A great investment opportunity is through a Certificate of Deposit. FCCU offers two options for CDs, a 6 month or 1-year term. A $5,000 minimum is required to open a CD. Once the CD matures, it will be transferred into the savings account of your choice. CD’s offer a better rate on your money than a typical savings account, but the funds will be tied up in the CD until it matures.

Christmas Club Accounts

By opening a Christmas Club account, you can either make contributions through automatic transfers from your savings or checking, through payroll deduction, or by depositing money in it periodically.

Depending on your expected expenses during the Holiday Season, you might want to contribute regular amounts of $10, 20, or more monthly on each payday. Imagine just contributing $10 every two weeks out of your payroll check at the end of a year you’d have $280 (plus accumulated interest) to pay for gifts with. At $20, you’d be halfway to a thousand dollars when the bills arrive.

The Christmas Club account “empties” typically by providing you with a check during the peak of the holiday shopping season; the account also can be a ready reserve account for unexpected cash needs during the year.

Club 55 Share Draft Accounts

For our 55-and-over crowd, Freedom Community Credit Union offers the Club 55 Share Draft Account.

This Credit Union “checking” account has all the features of the regular Share Draft account plus the following:

  • One free box of checks annually
  • No monthly service charge.

We value our senior members; be sure to check with one of our Customer Service Representatives if you have any questions on the Club 55 Share Draft Account.

Drive-Up Window/Night Drop

Use our convenient drive-up window located on the south side of the building adjacent to the parking lot. The drive-up is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekday. The drive through will be available on the first Saturday of the month at the north branch from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. 

After hours you can place deposits in the night drop located in the drive-up area and it will be processed the next business day.

Free Notary Service

Your Credit Union has two notaries on staff to help you with your documentation needs, and the service is FREE. Just bring your document and all those required to sign to the Credit Union to take advantage of this service; then simply sign the form(s) in the presence of the notary; it’ll be notarized, stamped and the business is completed. It only takes a few minutes.

Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers' Club

Pee Wee Penguin is at your credit union! Pee Wee Penguin and his Young Savers’ Club are here to help make saving money at the credit union lots of fun. By joining the Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers’ Club, young members will receive the following items:
Membership Card (to use as identification)

  • Passbook (to keep track of their savings)
  • Coin Saver (to help save their quarters)
  • Birthday Card (sent automatically)

There is no cost involved in joining the Pee Wee Penguin Young Savers’ Club. Just stop in at the credit union and sign up. Talk to your friends and let them know that Pee Wee is at your credit union. Chances are they will want to be a part of Pee Wee’s club, too!

Share Draft Accounts

More Than a Checking Account
The term “share draft” comes from you writing a “draft” (another term for a check) against a “share” account you have as a member of the Credit Union. There are some important differences between our share draft accounts and the checking accounts for most banks. Most noticeably, they are:

  • No minimum balance. You don’t get penalized for going below any set level on your share draft account as one does with checking accounts at many banks.
  • Low monthly fee. Your Credit Union share draft account costs you only $1.00 per month
    Unlimited checks. For that $1.00 per month, you have unlimited check-writing privileges.
  • An important difference between our share drafts and the banks are we keep a record of all your checks at a central location where they can be accessed should you need them. You don’t have to keep an endless number of cancelled checks filling up a file at home!
  • Monthly statements. Like a bank, you get a concise, accurate, easy-to-balance statement at the end of the month.
  • On-line Access. You can access your statements and account information on-line when you sign up for the on-line services through the Credit Union.
  • Multiple Accounts. For only $1.00 per month per account, you can have several share draft accounts to fit your needs.
  • Overdraft Protection. We offer our members overdraft protection either by a transfer from their savings or by an overdraft loan should the need arise.


  • NO minimum balance
  • Monthly Statements (paper/electronic)
  • Visa Debit Card
  • First 50 checks free
  • Free electronic check copies

Share Savings Accounts

The Start of Membership
The first step to becoming a member in Freedom Community Credit Union is to open a share account. The share account (with this account, you gain a share in the Credit Union) is similar to a savings account at a bank. The share account provides the following with some basic rules:

  • Membership – It entitles the member to all the services (within Credit Union guidelines) of the Credit Union found on the Services/Clubs page. Membership includes a voting voice in the selection of Credit Union officers and committee members, an invitation to our annual meeting, and the opportunity to become a volunteer to serve on the committees.
  • $25 minimum balance – Share accounts require the member to maintain at least a $25 minimum balance, which is collected when the account is opened. This $25 isn’t a fee and remains in your account; should you close your account, the $25 will be returned to you.
  • Multiple Accounts – Each member can maintain several share accounts; often these accounts can be for vacation savings, children’s savings (see the special programs available for children’s accounts), and whatever you might feel a need to save for. Joint accounts with a spouse are perfectly OK.
  • Dividends – Each share account is paid a dividend (as a shareholder, you get paid a dividend), which is the equivalent to interest paid at a bank.
Super Share Savings

A nice way to reward yourself for your good savings habits is through a Super Share Savings account. This form of savings account gives you extra interest income without the restrictions found in Certificates of Deposits (CDs). Here’s how it works:

A separate super share account is created with a deposit of $2,500+. This account then draws a premium interest rate based on rates in effect at the time. While it doesn’t pay at the levels of a CD, the money is available to you at any time (withdrawals are limited to six per month); as long as you maintain at least $2,500 in the account, the super share account will remain active. There is no time limit or renewal requirements for the account and an account statement is sent to you every quarter. Should you find you need to draw the account down below the $2,500 level, the remaining balance will be transferred to your regular share account and interest will accrue there at regular rates.

Starting a super share savings account is as simple as calling or visiting your Credit Union; it can be set up over-the-phone. One phone call can earn you a few extra bucks!

Surcharge Free ATMs

Freedom Community Credit Union is excited to announce a program that will provide our members access to 55,000 SURCHARGE-FREE ATMS worldwide! Go to ““, to complete the ATM Locator information to receive the listing of ATMS in your area.

Wire Transfers

Credit to:
Fifth Third Bank
Cincinnati, Ohio
ABA # 042-000-314

Further Credit to:
Freedom Community Credit Union
Account # 99214657

Final Credit
Member’s Name
Member’s Address
Member’s Account Number


  • Domestic – $20.00/wire
  • International – $50.00/wire


  • Domestic- $10.00/wire
  • International- $50.00
Fee Schedule

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